Rules of Mobile Roulette

No matter what platform you are using to play these casino games the rules remain the same. Just as in land-based and online Roulette, your objective is to bet where a ball that is dropped onto a spinning wheel will end up, when that wheel comes to rest.

The wheel in question has 36 panels coloured alternately in red and black and numbered from 1 to 36, as well as a green panel numbered 0. American variations have an additional green segment, which is labelled 00.

Wagers are placed by moving your chips to the appropriate area of the betting table. There are two tracks on the table, and stakes are called Inside and Outside Bets based on whether they are found on the inner or outer track.


Inside and Outside Bets

Outside Bets are easier to win, so Roulette beginners should start with them. Essentially, you’re predicting one of two outcomes. In High/Low Bets, for example, you say whether the ball will hit a segment numbered from 19 to 36, or from 1 to 18. With Red/Black and Odd/Even Bets, you say whether it will hit a red or black, or odd- or-even-numbered panel respectively. These all have odds of nearly 50/50, and pay out 1:1. The odds are not exactly 50/50 because you lose automatically if the ball lands in a green panel.

Inside Bets are far more specific, with higher odds and greater rewards to match. A Straight Bet predicts the exact number that the ball will hit, and carries the biggest odds of all. The other Inside Bets are predictions that the ball will land on one of the numbers within a certain group.



Mobile Roulette Variations

There are three basic versions of this game at Spin Casino; French, European and American Roulette. The French format is oldest, since Roulette originated in that country. From there it spread to the rest of Europe, giving rise to the European variation. When settlers travelled to America they took their favourite game with them, and American Roulette was born.

The 00 panel in the American format was specifically added to increase the house edge; so remember that you are playing with steeper odds if you choose those games. European and American games are both simpler than their French counterparts, which involve several specialised bets and a few of their own rules. Spend time enjoying them all and decide which is your favourite.


Maximum Mobile Roulette

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