Revolutionary Roulette

Developed by French mathematician Blaise Pascal, the Roulette wheel has become truly iconic in the gambling world. The basic objective is to bet where a ball will end up when the red and black wheel stops spinning.

In Random Number Generation games the results are automatically generated. With live dealer and land-based versions, the dealer will physically spin the wheel and drop the ball. Whichever platform you’re playing on you can usually choose between American, European and French variations.

The rules and betting options are different for each version of Roulette, but you can always wager on Inside and Outside Bets. These were given their names according to where they are placed on the betting table. Inside stakes have higher odds, but the rewards are correspondingly bigger. Decide how lucky you’re feeling before you bet!

Blackjack Challenges and Rewards

Arguably the best loved of all table casino games, Blackjack was first played in the noble homes of French aristocrats. Centuries later it has lost none of its allure. The only difference today is that it’s much easier to access.

Your objective in Blackjack is to beat the dealer’s hand while getting a total of 21 or as near to that as possible without going bust. After you’re dealt your initial 2 cards, you can choose what move to make as you try to create a better hand.

The blend of chance and strategy is what makes Blackjack so intriguing. You can’t do anything about the cards that you’re dealt, but you can decide what strategic action to take in response. Whether you Hit, Stand or Double Down all relies on what cards you’ve seen and what you think comes next!

Simple, Sophisticated Baccarat

The version of Baccarat played most often involves you choosing between 3 simple wagers. Cards are dealt to the Dealer and the Player hands. All you need to do is bet on which total will be higher, or predict that the totals will Tie.

With such simple rules, the action is as fast moving as you imagine. Correctly backing a Player or Banker win gets you a 1:1 return, less 5% commission in the case of the Banker. Winning a Tie Bet returns an incredible 8:1 payout, but think carefully before you place it. The massive house edge is over 14%!

Though the hands are called Player and Banker neither you nor the dealer has any control over either of them. Baccarat is unique among card games in that the only way to apply strategy is through your betting.

Added Table Game Thrills

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