Online Baccarat Odds

The odds of Player and Banker hands winning are very similar, at 44.62% and 45.85% respectively. Baccarat is based on chance, but some players do use pattern-tracking techniques. You can also use a card counting system if you’re playing in our Baccarat live dealer section, and you are sure that the shoe is fresh when you begin. However, most people choose to focus on other tactics rather than these two.

We suggest you try progression Baccarat strategies, which are applicable because the odds of each hand winning are so close to 50%. Essentially, you either raise your stakes when you lose and lower them when you win, or the other way around. Getting familiar with progression strategies can take some time, but for the rewards make it worthwhile.


Sophisticated Baccarat Games

The simple elegance of this card comparing game makes it much more intriguing than its rules might first suggest. Players in Canada will love Baccarat's fast pace and its challenges. Online Baccarat can also be highly lucrative, and each hand plays out quickly, so you can squeeze in a few games even when you’re on the go. In addition, going head-to-head with a live dealer is straightforward, making it the perfect game to enjoy in our live online casino.



Baccarat for Beginners

In this game, two hands, called the Player and the Banker hands, are dealt. These are just the names given; you don’t control the Player hand. Similarly the dealer can’t do anything to change the Banker hand.

All you need to do is predict which hand will have the highest total, or that the totals will be tied. Both the Player and the Banker get two cards to start. Number cards count as their stated value, and face cards are worth zero.

To determine the hand value, the cards are added together and then the 10-unit placeholder is dropped. For example, a hand of two 7s counts as 4 and not 14. That means that the highest possible value is 9, which is called a Natural in Baccarat and wins the game automatically.


Online Baccarat Action

When neither hand holds a Natural, specific rules apply for when they must Hit and get another card. The Player gets another card on a total of 5 or less. The Banker also hits for any total under 6, but only if the Player Stands and does not Hit.

When both hands Stand, the round is over and the totals are compared. Correctly backing a Player or Dealer win returns even money. The odds are slightly better for the Dealer hand, so if you win on a Dealer bet you pay 5% commission.

If you wager and win on a Tie, you get a jaw-dropping 8:1 payout. However, you need to be careful here. The odds are as dizzyingly high as the reward, with a house edge of over 14%.

Whether you want to play the live or Random Number Generation versions on your desktop or mobile device, just login to Spin Casino to experience it all. You can choose a game with stakes that suits you, and see if you can bet on the winning hand.