Learn Basic Gameplay

When you understand basic Blackjack gameplay you can play any edition at our mobile casino with confidence. All variations follow the basics, and basically challenge you to beat the dealer with a hand worth no more than 21 points. Find out if you have what it takes to win with us.

Receive 2 face-up cards after placing an opening bet. The dealer will have 1 face-up card, and they may also have a face-down card. If your 2 cards are worth 21 points, you win automatically. If not, decide what to do with that hand. Make one of the classic moves that either see you pit what you have against the dealer, or they will improve your total. Find out if you won when yours and the dealer’s hands are compared.

European and American Variations

The mobile Blackjack games you can play at spincasino are based on the European or American variants. The European is older, and it has changed very little since the card game’s creation centuries ago. The younger American variation is the trickier of the two. Try both of them, and find out which one you prefer.

Casino games that use the European rules deal 1 card to the dealer initially. The dealer’s second card is dealt just before the end of the round, when the winner must be determined. Play the American variant at New Zealand’s top mobile casino. You can see the dealer receive 2 cards in the first deal. 1 card will be face down, although that will not necessarily stop the dealer from peeking.

How Blackjack Moves Work

Lay the groundwork for successful Blackjack gaming on your mobile device by learning the traditional moves you can make. If you think the hand you were dealt can win, and do not want to change it, you can Stand. This means to play the cards you were dealt.

Hit, or take another card, if you think your score is not high enough to beat the dealer. Double if you are sure that another card is what you need to win. You will need to double your bet to take that option at our Kiwi Android casino. Split your hand into 2 new hands if you were dealt 2 like cards, and then play them simultaneously. No matter what move you make, the moment of reckoning that follows when the winner is determined is the most intense of all.

A Whole Lot More Then You Bargained For

Mobile Blackjack gameplay can be as simple or as complex as players make them. The best moves will take into consideration the card combinations you get, as well as the dealer’s face-up card.

Along with editions of 21 that are optimised for your smartphone or tablet, your Spin Casino login will also offers live dealer Blackjack. It combines the charms and talents of professional dealers, and the sociability of other players from New Zealand. See the game unfold as it happens, thanks to state of the art video streaming.

If you want gaming of the best quality, fair results, and secure banking, our mobile casino is where you will find it.