Poker With a Pokies Feel

The gruelling pace of modern life is one of the many reasons so many Kiwis enjoy spinning reels. It does not require too much effort, it’s entertaining, and it can be very lucrative. Unlike traditional card games, Video Poker has a format that is similar to pokies.

In most titles, the traditional game table imagery is swapped for a much plainer screen. Although many casino games in the genre give you the option of holding or drawing cards, they do not include classic betting stages. In fact, in most of them, all you need to do is build the best winning hand you can. Some games make it even simpler, and ask you only to raise or fold after the initial deal.

How to Play Video Poker

Video Poker is both the ideal introduction and the perfect alternative to traditional card games in the famous family. It also is an excellent choice when you play at our mobile casino. It is simpler than many other games, but that means it is also faster than many of them.

Start the game by placing a bet. 5 cards will be dealt at random by the software. If any cards form a winning hand, they will be held automatically. If you see any cards you do not want, you can discard and replace them. Make sure you hold any cards you want to keep by selecting them. When you are ready to find out how your hand compares with the pay table, select the draw button. New cards will replace those you do not want, and your new hand will be assessed.

3-Card Thrills

3-card Video Poker games turn things up a notch. They use fewer cards, but they also cut out holding or drawing cards. After you place a bet, 3 cards are dealt. Your only options then are to raise or to fold.

If you decide to raise, you will need to place a second bet. Your hand then will be compared with the pay table. If you fold, you will quit that round. Knowing which hands you need to win can help you make decisions during the game, whether you play with 3 or 5 cards. The smallest of them is a pair of Jacks. Other hands in ascending order include 3 Of A Kind, 4 Of A Kind, Full House, Straight, Flush, Straight Flush, and Royal Flush.

Convenience At Its Best

We are convinced that the genre is one of the best online casino options for Kiwi players looking for gaming that offers convenience, ease, and speed. Play Video Poker at spincasino, and see if you agree with us.

The format of Video Poker is simpler to that of many pokies, which means there are not as many special effects to distract you. It also is different enough to reels and to traditional card games to offer unique action and entertainment. Choose it, if you want something easy enough to relax and unwind, or you want to enjoy uncomplicated mobile casino gaming, without forgoing thrilling winning potential.

Microgaming powers our games, so you are assured of fair results produced by RNG, bold graphics, and seamless functionality on your preferred platform.