How Do I Sign Up For An Account?

Visit the Home page and click the drop-down menu in the top left corner

Find the ‘Register’ button and select it

Create a username, choose a password, and enter it

Confirm that you are of legal age

Wait a moment or two for account activation

How Do I Log In To Your Account?

Log in to your Spin Casino account by selecting the drop-down menu in the top left corner of a page, and click the ‘Login’ button. Enter your Spin Casino login (username and password). Once you are in, you can access our online casino, as well as our other platforms.

What Banking Options Can I Use?

The banking options we accept vary from region to region.

To see those in your country, select the ‘Banking’ tab

Click the ‘Deposit’ option

A page displaying the various methods will open

How Do I Make A Deposit?

You will need to sign into your Spin Casino account before making a deposit. Once you have logged in:

1. Click the ‘Banking’ tab and then click the ‘Deposit’ button

2. Select your preferred method when the page has opened

3. Enter any required personal details if using a credit/debit card. Your information then will be stored securely

4. Enter the amount of money you want to deposit, as well as any other required information

5. Confirm your online casino deposit

How Do I Claim A Bonus After Making a Deposit?

Whether part of the welcome package or another special offer, claiming a bonus requires nothing more than making a deposit. If you are eligible to receive the bonus, it will appear in your account automatically.

How Do I Withdraw Money?

There is nothing complicated about making withdrawals at our online and mobile casino for players in New Zealand.

1. Log into your account, and select the ‘Banking’ tab

2. Click the ‘Withdraw’ option. If your preferred deposit method can be used, it will appear as the default option. If not, you can then select the method you want to use

3. Enter the required data, and confirm it

4. Your withdrawal should be processed, and your funds appear within your account, within 5 days. However, you may receive them sooner

When Is Customer Service Available?

Spin Casino customer service agents are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How Do I Contact Customer Service?

Get in touch with customer service by sending a live chat message, or by sending an email.

How Do I Earn Loyalty Points?

Earn loyalty points for every NZ$ bet you place at our online casino for Kiwi players.

How Do You Check Your Deposit History?

Checking your deposit history is easy. Follow these easy steps to do it:

1. Log into your account

2. Select the ‘Cash Check’ option on the menu

3. See your account balance as well as your transaction history

How Do You Check Your Gaming History?

Check your gaming history by following these simple steps:

1. Log into your account

2. Click the ‘Play Check’ option on the menu

3. See the online and mobile games you played, how much you bet, how much you lost, and how much you won

Why Can’t I Login To Your Account?

In most cases, not being able to login to your account is due to a minor gremlin. Try refreshing the page before attempting to log in again. If that is unsuccessful, use live chat or email to contact customer service.

Can I Change My Password?

You can change your Spin Casino password by contacting a customer service agent, who will supply you with more information. We recommend choosing a new password every few months.

Can I Change My Username?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the username you chose when you signed up for an account.

Why Is My Deposit Not In My Account?

If you tried to make a deposit, but it has not cleared, check that you have enough funds to cover the transaction. If that is not the reason, contact customer service.

Why Is My Bonus Not In My Account?

If you tried to claim a bonus, but it has not appeared in your mobile casino account, ensure you have met all the requirements. If you are eligible to receive it, and have fulfilled the necessary conditions, contact customer service.

Why Will Casino Games Not Load?

If your pokies or other games will not load properly, or if the action stops, starts, and stalls, check that your Internet or Wi-Fi connection is working. If you use a pay-and-go plan, check that you have credit or data available. If your tech is working as it should, contact customer service.

What’s the Difference Between Microgaming and NetEnt?

At Spin Casino, the difference between Microgaming and NetEnt is found in the games they power. Microgaming powers a significant portion of our collection. This includes pokies, table games, Video Poker, Keno, and scratch cards. NetEnt powers the rest of our top-quality Vegas-style pokies. Both providers have crafted casino games for more than 20 years.

What Types of Pokies Can I Play?

Our online and mobile casino offers video, progressive jackpot, and classic pokies to Kiwi players.

Can I Play Multiple Pokies Simultaneously?

Yes, you can open a number of different pokies simultaneously at spincasino.

How Do I Change The Size Of My Bets?

You can find the controls you need to change your bet size on the game interface. They usually are located near the ‘Play’ or ‘Spin’ button. They may include coin value, bet level, and other buttons.

What Are Maximum Bets In Pokies?

Minimum and maximum bets are set in all pokies. They determine the least and the most you can bet at a time, and they vary from game to game.

Paylines Or Ways To Win?

Some pokies at our online and mobile casino for players in New Zealand have paylines, while others have Ways to Win. Paylines are the classic way in which wins were determined, and see symbols form specific patters over certain positions on the reels. Ways to Win requires like symbols to land on consecutive reels. Most titles read those combinations from left to right.

How Do Progressive Jackpots Work?

Most pokies at our online casino offer fixed or static jackpots, which are the biggest single payouts you can win. Some titles, however, have progressive jackpots. They get bigger as you play the game, because a small percentage of every bet is used to feed the big jackpot. This only stops happening when someone wins the prize, and it resets to the seed amount.

What Are Pokies Bonus Features?

Some pokies offer bonus features such as substituting Wilds, Scatters that pay from any position and trigger Free Spins, and Multipliers that multiply payouts. These and other features add entertainment value, and give you other ways in which to win.

What Do Wilds Do?

The main function of a pokies Wild symbol is to substitute for other symbols. It can do this only when it lands in a position from which it can take part in a winning combination.

How Do Scatters Work?

Scatter symbols can form winning combinations from scattered positions on the reels. The combinations they form may offer mobile casino payouts, and/or they may trigger Free Spins or other bonus rounds.

How Do Free Spins Work?

Some pokies feature Free Spins rounds. You need to land the relevant symbols or complete a specific task to trigger them. They will be played with bets the same size as the one you placed on the triggering spin.

What’s the Difference Between Coins and Credits?

Coins are the single units you bet when you play pokies or other games at Spin Casino. Credits refer to the denomination or value you assign to those units.

Do I Need a Specific Smartphone To Play?

Our mobile casino is compatible with all smartphone brands. You play using Samsung, Huawei, Sony, and other phones, as well as iPhones, Windows Phones, and Blackberry devices.

Do I Need Separate Mobile Login Details?

No, you do not need a separate mobile casino account or login details. You will login to the same account, whether you access it using a PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Can I Find All the Games On Mobile?

Some pokies are not available on mobile devices. In most cases, it is because they are too large to be supported by most handsets.

Do I Need An Internet Connection to Play?

Yes, you need a reliable Internet connection to play at spincasino.

Can I Contact Customer Service Using My Mobile?

Yes, you can send customer service agents live chat messages or emails using your mobile device, at any time of the day or night.