What’s In a Name?

A European invention, Blackjack originally was known as 21. It makes sense, considering 21 is the maximum number of points with which you can win. It wasn’t until almost 200 years after the creation of the casino game that its new name was born.

The change took place in the USA. It initially referred to a specific card combination that received a bonus payout. The catchy name stuck, and is now what the game is called in most English-speaking countries, New Zealand included.

This history also is reflected in the 2 most popular variations of the game at our online casino. Enjoy player-friendly gaming with the European edition, in which the dealer receives the second card at the end of the round. Make things more intense by choosing the American edition. The dealer gets a hole card, and can peek at it at the beginning of the round.

How to Play

Playing Blackjack at spincasino is one of the easiest, most entertaining ways in which you can try to win real money. Although you can learn to play it in little to no time we recommend honing your skills by learning gameplay from trusted sources.

Start your game by placing a bet. This will be followed by the deal, in which you get 2 cards. Both will be face up, and if they add up to 21 points, you could beat the dealer in one go. If not, you can decide what to do when the deal is complete. Once you have Stood, Hit, Split, or Doubled, the dealer’s hand will be revealed. Your hand will be compared with it to determine the winner. Play one of the world’s most popular casino games with us, and that winner could be you.

Making the Moves

Blackjack puts you in the control seat. In other games such as Baccarat, the rules determine what moves are made. When you play 21, you call the shots.

Standing is the simplest move you can make. All you do is play the hand you received. Hitting is taking another card to increase your score. Doubling is placing a second bet equal in size to your first, and taking another card. Splitting is separating 2 like cards, and taking new ones, to create new hands. A good strategy for the game suggests which moves would be the best ones to make when dealt specific hands. Some also take the dealer’s cards into consideration. Discover how rewarding the game can be at Spin Casino.

Easy Moves For Beginners

If you are a beginner, you might be tempted to wait some time before starting to learn advanced Blackjack moves. You do not need to do that. In fact, we recommend you start learning from the get-go.

Consider choosing a single-deck game when you start practicing, as those are the most manageable. For example, if your cards are worth 13, and the dealer has a 2 or 3, you can stand. You also can stand if you have 12 or more points, and the dealer has a 5 or 6, and if you have 17 points versus a dealer’s 7. You can split two Aces or two 8s, and you can double on cards worth 10 or 11 points. You can hit if your hand is worth 8 points or fewer. Stand if your hand is worth 17 or more points.

Experience the best of casino games when you play Blackjack at Spin Casino!