Every Game Ends With a Draw

The lotto can be a lot of fun, but it also can be frightfully frustrating when you must wait several days for the big draw to take place. Play Keno at New Zealand’s best online casino, and watch the drawing of results as soon as you submit your ticket. Thanks to Microgaming’s high-tech RNG, the winning numbers always are chosen at random.

Along with fair play, you also can enjoy memorable entertainment when you mark off your lucky numbers at Spin Casino. Microgaming’s software ensures the graphics look good, and that the action runs smoothly, on computers and on mobile devices. Beyond that, our commitment to the highest standards means you can get your gaming thrills securely and responsibly at our site.

What To Do With The Ticket

The massive range of casino games you can play with us offers you a variety of options for every mood. Some are a perfect choice for when you feel like using skill and strategy. Others, like Keno, are great for when you want uncomplicated action and excitement.

Choose what you think is the best online casino edition of the game in our collection, and adjust the controls to set bets at the required size. Most variants use numbers from 1 to 80 on the tickets. Select the numbers you think will be the ones to be drawn. You can choose as many as 15, although we recommend limiting yourself to fewer numbers until you get the hang of playing it. Submit your ticket after making your selection, and then watch the draw to find out if you won.

A Generous Game

One of the most exciting things about playing Keno at spincasino is that you need at least 3 matching numbers to win a payout, and the more matching numbers you get, the bigger your winnings will be. However, some serious players say it helps to remember that less can be more.

If you select as few as 3 numbers, you have worse chances of seeing all 3 match the results than you have of seeing matches if you selected 5 numbers. Select 7 numbers, and you can enjoy chances of seeing more matches. Remember that the casino game ticket price increases as your number selection does.

Quick and Easy to Play

If you enjoy the hassle-free winning opportunities of Keno at the best online casino for Kiwis, you are sure to love our other table games that offer almost instant chances to land large winnings. Scratch Cards are among the most popular. They are based on the familiar foil-covered cards, and they require at least 3 matching symbols to award payouts.

Remove the covering block by block if you want a similar experience to what you would have offline. Alternatively, squeeze more games into your session by selecting the clear all option to remove the entire covering at once. Any wins will be registered almost immediately, and within seconds, you could have another card and be enjoying even more.