Keep Cool with the Classics

Classic slots are also sometimes referred to as Reel games, and look a lot like the original machines as they were played at the turn of the last century. They keep it simple, usually featuring just 3 reels and a small amount of paylines, and you’ll be trying to line up a variety of old-school symbols. Bars, bells, and cherries are frequently used, and the sound effects for these casino games are usually as close to a land-based sound as you’re going to get!

Some players simply prefer these slots, but they’re also a good idea if you’re new to the online world, or have never played before. The rules are simple, the payouts are more than considerable, and the cheerful imagery will definitely brighten your day.

Cutting-Edge Video Slots

Technically all the slots at Spin Casino are Video slots, but the phrase also refers to more modern Reel games. They’re quite like the land-based games you may have enjoyed in the past, and feature video game features. They’re more detailed than their Classic counterparts, and you’ll have a lot more reels and paylines to deal with.

Microgaming have really pushed the envelope in terms of subject matter, and you’ll find titles based on your favourite films, stories from when you were a kid, and even the bands you love. They also offer win-enhancing features like bonus rounds, Wilds and Scatters, so you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of ways to win. Spin Casino ensures that there are always new releases for you to enjoy too, no matter how often you sign in and spend time with us.

Progressive Jackpot Play

The Progressive Jackpot slots lined up for you at Spin Casino offer the kind of rewards that you’ll scarcely be able to believe. They function in the same way that the rest of Reel games do, but their prizes are truly extraordinary. Each bet placed by anyone, anywhere within the linked network, contributes to the main prize, so the totals reach incredible heights very quickly.

Sometimes the winner will be decided at random, or they may pay out when you land a specific combination of symbols on your reels. Others open up a bonus game that you need to get through before you scoop the prize. Make sure you read the casino game information before you begin so you know what to look out for.

Land Your Winning Combo Now

Spin Casino has it all. We’ve got vintage slots if those are what you prefer, the latest, most recent releases from Microgaming for those who like to stay in the know, and Progressive Jackpots that could change your life. We also provide a range of banking methods for you to choose from so funding your account is never an issue. Plus, our customer support staff are considerate, friendly and professional.

Our bonus offers are some of the biggest the world over. We make sure that our loyal players are rewarded, and you can enjoy our entertainment on whatever device you prefer. Take a tour of Spin Casino and find out why we’re a worldwide No. 1!