Understand the Basics

Although Roulette is a very easy game to learn, we always recommend that you get the basics covered before you begin.

The name comes from the French for Little Wheel, and that’s precisely what the action is centred on. Each round sees the wheel getting spun, and a ball dropped down onto it in the opposite direction. You’ll be betting on where you think the ball will end up when you play at Spin Casino online or mobile Roulette, and there’s a good range of wagers to choose from. Bets are divided up into Inside and Outside stakes according to where they’re placed on the table. The wheel is made up of pockets numbered from 0 to 36 in the French and European variations, with an extra 00 panel inserted into the American one. They’re alternately coloured red and black, and do not follow one another in consecutive numerical order.

Place Your Bets

You’ll see a long list of available Roulette bets at Spin Casino, and these range from general wagers through to very specific ones. The former group includes stakes placed on odd or even numbers, red pockets or black ones, and the first 18 numbers or the second 18.

You will also be able to wager on the ball ending up within a certain range of numbers. These are Outside bets. The more specific you are, however, the higher your returns will be, and that’s where the Inside bets come into play. The Straight Up wager is bet on a single number, and the Split covers 2 adjacent numbers. Then there’s the Street, Corner, Five, and Line wagers, which cover different areas of the table and each offer different odds.

Strategy for Successful Play

The more frequently you spend time at the Roulette tables at Spin Casino, the more deeply you’ll start understanding them. The fact that it relies so heavily on chance, a lot like slots and Baccarat, should be built into whatever strategy you’re going to use. Remember that the moves you make are going to centre around shrewd betting rather than any particular skill.

The Martingale System is a good place to begin, thanks to how simple it is. A good bankroll and a little patience are all you need to sustain it, and you’ll simply be doubling bets you lose and halving them when you win. This means you will always cover losses when you win, making a small profit at the same time, and, with a little luck, you’ll build up enough wins to cover long sessions of gameplay.

Pick a Variation and Play

We’ve got a little bit of everything when it comes to casino games. A great range of Roulette variations that extend far beyond just the standard American, European, and French versions is here for you to explore. Spin Casino also offers you the chance to enjoy betting on red or black across the table from a live dealer, and the well-trained, friendly, good-looking croupier can really spice up the experience.

Trusted RNG software, cutting-edge graphics and state-of-the-art animations create a really authentic atmosphere in our software-based games too, so you’ll enjoy whatever you select. Players who love the reliance on luck that slots, Baccarat, and Roulette offer are well taken care of at Spin Casino. We invite you to enjoy the King of Casino Games whenever you like!