A Player Favourite

Spin Casino ensures that you get to play the game whenever you want to. We’ve got it optimised for smartphones and tablets as well as PC, so you can try to hit the magic number wherever you are.

Blackjack makes for a nice change from games like slots that rely totally on chance. If you take the time to learn basic strategy you’ll lower the house edge significantly. There are plenty of strategy charts available to give you the edge, and you can refer to these to decide what move to make.

At Spin Casino you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of different takes on this classic casino game, and we invite you to try each one until you find your favourite!

Take It to 21

Spin Casino invites you to choose from classic, single-hand, mobile Blackjack games, or amp up the adrenaline factor with multi-hand versions. While the former allows you to focus on your goal of getting a hand worth 21 points, the latter spices things up, and pushes the chance to win big up a notch.

Our range of 21 games offers something for every player, so start exploring! The Atlantic City variation uses 8 decks of cards instead of the standard 4, while the European version provides a far more classic take. Then there’s a Vegas variation, Spanish 21, Pontoon and more! Each casino game has a slightly different version of the same basic rules in place, so once you know how to play, you’ll be able to handle yourself at any table.

Practice Makes Perfect

When you play Blackjack at Spin Casino you will feel like you’ve taken a seat at a table in one of the world’s most elegant venues. Our games are so authentic that you’ll be deeply immersed in the action from the moment the first card has been dealt. You’ll be enjoying realistic, true-to-life entertainment at every turn.

If you’re new to the world of 21, want to spend some time checking out the many different gameplay options we’ve got available, or want to practice and refine your strategies, then Practice Play mode is perfect. In this free mode you’ll be able to take some time playing at no risk, refining your strategy until you’re ready to face the dealer and bet real money!

The Table is Always Open

There’s no argument, Spin Casino offers the finest Blackjack games available online. We’ve combined style and elegance in a very user-friendly interface, and our plush tables are as inviting as they are exhilarating. We’ve even got live dealer games for you to try. You’ll love the extra frisson of excitement being able to view the action in real time offers.

Concentrate on creating a hand worth 21 points, or as close to this as you can, and big wins could well come your way. Don’t go bust, and don’t forget that you need to beat the dealer’s hand, even if you don’t hit the magic 21!

This quintessential card comparing game is easy to learn but takes time to master, and you can do both when you sign up for your account at Spin Casino!