The History of Keno

Keno’s heritage is long and proud, but unlike most of our casino games it didn’t originate in Europe or the USA. Instead, it comes to us all the way from Ancient China. Legend has it that General Cheung Leung was desperate to raise funds for his army, which was constantly fighting battles.

Leung decided to use the first 100 characters of a children’s poem that was written in the traditional Chinese alphabet, and create lottery-like game to generate money. This was so successful that he not only got the funds needed for his army, he was able to contribute to the costs of building the Great Wall of China!

The game remained popular in China, and when railway workers arrived in the USA from that country in the 1800s, they brought it with them. From there, it spread around the world and has become a major online casino highlight.

Pick Your Lucky Numbers

The modern versions of Keno games have only 80 symbols, and rather than classic Chinese characters they are represented with numbers from 1 to 80. In land-based games, you buy your tickets, choose your Spots, as the numbers are known, and wait for the caller to announce the 15 winning digits. The numbers are chosen by drawing them out of a pool where they are usually marked on balls.

Each numeral appears only once. In our Random Number Generation titles the results are instantly created using cutting-edge software that has been certified as completely fair. You’re paid out according to what you bet in the first place and how many of your Spots match the winning numbers; as few as 3 of them will get you a win.

A Game of Chance

Since the numbers are generated or drawn at random, it should be clear that Keno is completely based on chance. You don’t engage in any strategy and the fun comes in choosing your numbers and holding your breath to see if you’ve won. The animations that are used to display the results make the action come to life even more at our casino.

Don’t underestimate how much fun it can be to pick your lucky numbers. Some players choose their Spots based on the birthdays of significant people in their lives, Other important numerals, like telephone numbers or addresses, are also often used.

Of course, you could make your selection completely randomly too. However you decide on your Spots, it’s advisable to bet as much as you can, so that your payouts are maximised.

Choose Your Keno Spots With Us

You can play marathon Keno sessions in their own right, squeeze in a quick game while on the go, or play to warm up for Video Poker, table game or slots action.